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How does it work?

Log in via Steam and go to your account page

Enter Trade-URL (link to exchange) in your profile

Top up your account on the site in any convenient way, even with unnecessary skins

Open cases with the best drop among all CIS sites!

Get an item from our bot or sell it to the site for the price of CS: GO Market

Site help
I cannot withdraw the item
There may be several reasons:
- Exchanges do not work on your account.
- The item is not on TM - all items are purchased on market.csgo.com and sent directly to you from sellers!
- If there is an item on the trading floor, but it is overpriced, then you will need to wait,
An Administrator / Moderator was added to my friend list
This is a scammer. Do not add him as a friend, he can steal your items. The administration of the FIRE SKIN site will never be added to your friends
Where can I get the link for the exchange?
Follow the link to find your trade link
How many cards can you collect?
You can have no more than 30 cards. Next, you need to use the old cards before getting new ones
Where can I get a promo code?
Promo codes are posted every day in our VK Community
How long to wait for the seller?
Usually no more than 5 minutes. But there are times when the seller does not send the item, and then it returns to the site
How long can an item be stored in a profile?
The item is on your profile for an unlimited amount of time. Yes, it will be there until you sell it, pick it up, etc.
How to get a free balance?
Leave a review in our VK Community , every day we give users a balance of up to 250 rubles for reviews
I have blocked the output of things, what should I do?
It is forbidden to use more than 1 account per 1 user on the project. If you violate this rule, the exchange may be blocked FOREVER.
I didn't find the right answer to my question
Write to technical support at VK Community or email support@fire-skins.top
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We have a headquarters of developers and marketers who regularly create new ideas and implement them


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